23 May 2014 – Atelier « Frontiers of Time Use Research »

Friday 23th May 2014

“Frontiers of Time Use Research”

Atelier Labex OSE

Organisers: Dan Hamermesh, Claudia Senik, Elena Stancanelli, Tonia Lastapis and Rodolphe Demesteere

If you’d like to attend, please register: elena.stancanelli@univ-paris1.fr

Preliminary Programme (download in pdf format)

8.45  Welcome Coffee

9:00  Dan Hamermesh (Austin Texas),  « Putting Economics into Time-Use Research »

9.50  Jose Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal (Saragoza University),  “Voluntary work and daily happiness in the US », with José Alberto Molina (Saragoza University).

10.40  Coffee Break

Chair: Benoit Rapoport (Paris 1 University, INED)
11.00  Eric Maurin (PSE) “Following the Crowd: Leisure Complementarities Beyond the Household » with Simon Georges-Kot (INSEE), and Dominique Goux (CREST)

11.50 Arthur Van Soest (Tilburg University),  “Time Use and Retirement in Germany: A Panel Data Analysis” with Eric Bonsang (ROA, Maastricht University)

12.40 Lunch

Chair: Sophie Ponthieux (INSEE)
14.00 Elena Stancanelli (CNRS PSE), “Commute Time in French Couples”, with Hans Bloemen (Free University of Amsterdam) and Robert A Pollak (Washington University in Saint Louis)

14.50 Olivier Bargain (GREQAM AMSE) and Francois Bourguignon (PSE) “ Individual Domestic Productivity and Time Allocation in a Household »  with M.C. Chiuri.

15.40 Coffee Break

16.00  Round Table Panel on Frontiers of Time Use Economics Research

Chair: Claudia Senik (PSE) with the participation of  Andrew Clark (PSE), Francois Bourguignon (PSE), Dan Hamermesh (Austin Texas), Eric Maurin (PSE), Sophie Ponthieux (INSEE)