Economie de l’emploi du temps

Friday 24th March, 14.30-16.30  Room R1-14

« Combining Survey and Administrative Data to Measure Income, Consumption, Poverty and Inequality » with the participation of Professor Bruce Meyer (Harris School of Public Economics, the University of Chicago » ,

Organisers: David Margolis and  Elena Stancanelli

4 février 2016

Atelier OSE autour de la discrimination salariale

Animé par Ronald Oaxaca (Arizona University) le jeudi 4 février à 16h00 en salle S18 à la MSE.

Intervenants : Pauline Givord (INSEE); Simon Quantin (INSEE); Boutchenik Beatrice (INSEE); Sophie Maillard (INSE); Elena Stancanelli (PSE-CES); Hector Moreno (PSE, CES); Flavio Calvino (Pisa Université).



Friday 23th May  2014

“Frontiers of Time Use Research”

Atelier Labex OSE

Organisers: Dan Hamermesh, Claudia Senik, and Elena Stancanelli

If you’d like to attend, please register:

Preliminary Programme (download in pdf format)

8.45  Welcome Coffee

9:00  Dan Hamermesh,  « Putting Economics into Time-Use Research

9.50  Olivier Bargain and Francois Bourguignon “ Individual Domestic Productivity and Time Allocation in a Household »  with M.C. Chiuri.

10.40  Coffee Break

11.00  Eric Maurin “Following the Crowd: Leisure Complementarities Beyond the Household » with Simon Georges-Kot (INSEE), and Dominique Goux (CREST)

11.50 Arthur Van Soest,  Time Use and Retirement in Germany: A Panel Data Analysis (joint work with Eric Bonsang)

12.40 Buffet Lunch

14.00 Jose Ignacio Gimenez-Nadal and José Alberto Molina and « Intergenerational transmission of housework: evidence for Europe »

14.50 Bob Pollak and Elena Stancanelli, “Commute Time in French Couples”

15.40 Coffee Break

16.00  Round Table Panel discussion on Frontiers of Time Use Economics Research Chaired by Claudia Senik with the participation of  Andrew Clark, Francois Bourguignon, Dan Hamermesh, Eric Maurin, Sophie Ponthieux, Alberto Molina.

17.30 Closing Reception